Deliver More, With Less

Plan shorter, faster routes & reduce delivery costs using intelligent route optimization

Quick & efficient deliveries

to delight customers &

increase profits

Use the most efficient route for every delivery to improve driver efficiency & productivity. Deliver more shipments, more quickly with fewer vehicles, thus reducing last-mile costs & boosting profits.

Delight your customers with quicker & better deliveries using Logistiq intelligent route optimization

Efficient, Accurate & Reliable Route Optimization

Use AI-powered route optimization to deliver smarter & faster

Intelligent route optimization basis multiple constraints of delivery location, fleet-capacity, service-timings, traffic

ML-based order clustering with more delivery stops per trip

Smart geocoding to resolve address inaccuracies & avoid delays & misroutes

Predictive mapping to convert addresses to precise lat-longs

Boost capacity utilization to ship & deliver higher volumes

Optimize vehicle selection & count dynamically basis fleet capacity & characteristics

Unlock additional vehicle capacity to carry more orders per trip

Reduce empty miles by balancing forward & reverse deliveries

Automate driver task assignments to increase dispatch efficiency

Drive cost-efficiency from hub or store to door

Minimize vehicle costs by delivering more per driver per day

Decrease fuel expenses & CO2 emissions with reduced travel distances

Improve customer experience & delivery success with lower TAT

Business Impact

Decrease in shipping times

Increase in deliveries per trip

Reduction in miles travelled

Optimize last mile deliveries today