Your one-stop logistics platform for end-to-end shipping

Automate your shipping workflows, track results in real-time and provide a delightful experience to your customers every single time.

Logistiq is powered by AI, trusted by some of the region’s biggest brands and backed by user-friendly features throughout end-to-end operations.

How does it work?

Let’s automate your entire shipping journey in four easy steps.

Step 1

Integrate your e-commerce store

Connect your e-commerce website using APIs with OMS, WMS or Website. We also support bulk-import of orders via CSV files.

Step 2

Automate shipping workflow

Automate your shipping workflows and deliver an outstanding customer experience that is faster, more cost-effective and easier. Process forward and return orders, automatically generate invoices, labels and manifests with our system.

Step 3

Connect with 3PL carriers

Use a single window to connect with multiple 3PLs for pickup and delivery and compare 30+ parameters based on your preferences with our AI-based recommendation engine.

Step 4

Track in real time

Get updates on your shipments with an interactive dashboard and track end-to-end journeys of your orders with accurate time and place information.

All you need on a single platform

AI-based Recommendation Engine

With custom parameters set for individual preferences to Prioritize speed, cost or reach.

Pre-negotiated Market-beating Rates

For an advantage of economies of scale with pre-negotiated rate cards.

Easy-to-manage Shipping Labels

A centralized platform to print shipping labels through smooth API integrations.

Simplified Cash Flow for COD Orders

Ability to track COD orders and take advantage of frequent remittance cycles.

Streamlined Returns Management

Easy returns for customers and managing reverse pick-up timelines and costs

Quick Order Pick-up

Dedicated first-mile operations with our own fleet and hub to manage orders.

We cover 100% of KSA

Take advantage of our extensive network across the country.



Parcels Processed Per Day



Courier Partners



Parcels Processed Per Day



Courier Partners

What Our Clients Have to Say

“Logistiq is a key partner in our growth journey. They have simplified and automated our logistics workflow and helped us focus more on our core business. Their on-time delivery, lower costs, improved visibility, advanced analytical reports have been instrumental in significantly improving customer experience”

Nirmal Jain Chief Executive Officer, Styli

"Logistiq has been a strong technology partner in Styli’s growth. The platform has been pivotal during peak seasons as we can onboard any courier partner on-demand with their readily available integrations. The AI based algorithms and load distribution engine recommends right courier partners through advance capacity planning. We are really impressed with their on-time technical support and ability to be agile with our requests."

Pragyan Priyadarshani Head - Technology & Product, Styli

"Logistiq allows us to ship to more customers with greater delivery speed & success, while incurring lower costs. It not only offers highly competitive shipment rates but also improves the RTO%, leading to more revenue. We can receive our COD money quickly & accurately due to their weekly remittance cycle. With features such as multi-carrier access, intelligent order allocation, real-time order tracking & integrated dashboard & analytics, Logistiq has made shipping hassle-free for us & our customers & is a key component in the scale-up of our business"

Ahmed Salah General Manager, Qutrat Perfumes

“Logistiq provides us with a one-stop platform to ship anywhere in KSA with multiple carrier partners. We can use the most suitable carrier for our requirements as Logistiq has direct contracts with all major carriers. It has helped us to increase delivery speed and improve NDR by 5-10% through better tech-driven delivery visibility & management. While we focus on our core business, Logistiq owns the end-end delivery process & SLA. Using Logistiq, we have been able to offer a significantly better delivery experience for our customers and it has been an invaluable partner for our growth.”

Marwan Kandeel CEO, Auto Works Corp

    Set off your business on the path to success with Logistiq