Transform your 3PL carrier network

Optimize 3PL deliveries through multiple carrier connections & intelligent allocation

Ship using best-suited 3PL

for better performance

& coverage

Grow & build your 3PL delivery network by leveraging plug-and-play integrations with leading carriers. Optimize delivery performance & costs by intelligently allocating orders basis multiple factors, including rates, RTO%, speed, serviceability & NPS

Scale your business with enhanced delivery options & coverage using the Logistiq carrier aggregation module

Next-Gen multi-carrier shipping platformm

Expand delivery network by using multiple 3PLs from single platform

Pre-existing API integrations to quickly onboard leading 3PLs

Enhanced flexibility with more delivery options & channels

Reduced time to market with immediate coverage in new geographies

Automate & optimize carrier selection using intelligent allocation

20+ parameters to setup intelligent allocation rules by delivery-type, location, capacity, serviceability

AI-based allocation based on cost, performance & business goals

Auto-order assignment among 3PLs & in-house fleetĀ 

Better cost & efficiency by using most optimal 3PL for delivery

Gain full control of delivery network with integrated visibility & analytics

Advanced analytics to benchmark & optimize performance across carriers

Proactive alerts for imminent delays, disruptions & exceptions

3PL performance insights to fine tune selection

NDR reports to analyze delivery failure reasons & validate fake attempts

Elevate customer experience through better 3PL deliveries & collections

Reduced cart abandonment via faster, cost-effective delivery options at checkout

Customer tracking page with end-end order visibility

Fast order processing using integrations with multiple OMS, e-stores & marketplaces

Easy returns booking & management to optimize reverse pickups

Business Impact

Decrease in 3PL delivery costs

Reduction in RTO

Decrease in 3PL delivery costs

Simplify 3PL deliveries end-end