Take control of your deliveries

Efficiently manage & scale-up last-mile delivery operations to provide exceptional customer experiences

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Fast, on-time & cost-efficient


Simplify delivery operations & deliver efficiently across your network, while reducing costs & meeting rising customer expectations, all from a single platform.

Ship from anywhere to everywhere quickly, accurately, efficiently & sustainably. Provide delightful customer experiences & scale your business with Logistiq last-mile

Advanced Delivery Orchestration Platform

Simplify your operations using intelligent hub dispatch panel

Intelligent runsheet creation basis multi-level order filtering

Seamless own or outsourced fleet onboarding & management

Smart vehicle & driver selection basis availability & business logic

Trip closure after status & COD reconciliation

NDR module for CS operations & fake attempt validation

Setup your drivers for success with a powerful delivery app

Complete view of pending deliveries with operational alerts

Trip navigation &  route suggestions to ensure on-time delivery

OTP based delivery validation

Electronic POD capture in form of photos,  signature, OTP

Card or POS payment options at delivery instead of cash

Pre-configured NDR reason for delivery failure

Increase delivery efficiency through optimized routing & scheduling

AI-ML driven route optimization basis multiple configurable parameters related to delivery, fleet & operations

Smart load balancing across vehicles to maximize utilization

Intelligent algorithms to reduce distance, time, vehicle & fuel costs & emissionsĀ 

Optimize post purchase experience through proactive customer communication & feedback

Customizable delivery notifications via SMS, Whatsapp & Email

Real-time order tracking page with branded, personalized content & social media links

Delivery rating feedback and NDR reason validation with consignee

Analyze & act on delivery data using a single dashboard

Integrated control tower forĀ  status visibility & SLA monitoring

Last-mile fleet & driver analytics to improve delivery performance & productivity

Custom reports & BI visuals to drive data-led decision making

Proactive alerts against predefined KPIs & industry benchmarks

Business Impact

Reduction in last-mile delivery cost

Growth in shipments

Improvement in delivery NPS

Expand your limits with Logistiq last-mile