Middle Mile

Make internal shipping efficient

Deliver shipments across hubs, warehouses, distributors, vendors & store quickly & reliably

Efficient, seamless

middle-mile operations

at reduced costs

Use optimized routes & schedules for hub-to-hub movement or retail network distribution. Boost fleet capacity utilization & reduce transit  costs with intelligent shipment allocation

 Reduce turnaround times through quick, accurate sorting, scanning & dispatch

Optimal & Reliable Middle Mile

Plan better routes across internal network using intelligent trip creation

System-driven bag & trip creation basis master configurations

Optimized trip schedules basis preferred time windows at destination

Efficient connections between in-transit nodes basis distance & halt times

Shipment & bag consolidation across multi-leg, multi-modal trips

Maximize vehicle & hub capacity utilization to reduce movement costs

Load allocation basis truck Volume, weight & type constraints

Smart balancing of loads received at & sent from hub

Optimized loading operations basis incoming vehicle utilization data

Track fleet & driver movement for on-time, SLA-compliant deliveries

Shipment location, movement & status tracking, with exception alerts

Travel, loading & unloading time monitoring to reduce hub detention delay

Route deviation & speed information to mitigate transit risks

Driver service time analysis to manage performance

Load & dispatch shipments faster to reduce turnaround times

App based bag scanning for streamlined pick & sort operations

Shipment count audits with weight & volume verification

Auto-alerts for missing shipments during bag handling

Systemized exception handling for mis-sorted, extra or short shipments

Dock & Yard assignment for seamless truck movement

Business Impact

Reduction in line haul costs

Increase in fleet capacity utilization

Improvement in SLA compliance

Optimize & simplify your middle mile

Route deviation & speed information to mitigate transit risks