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AI-based Recommendation Engine

Easy Integration

Real-time Order Tracking

Seamless Billing and COD Reconciliation

Returns Management

NDR Management

Advanced SCM Reports

Analytical Dashboard

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AI-based Recommendation Engine

Optimizes the shipping for every single order

Compares 30+ order parameters to choose the best carrier based on your preferences

Automates the carrier selection workflow and eliminates the trouble of manually choosing the carrier

Improves overall speed and cost performance in the long term by leveraging the strengths of multiple carriers

Easy Integration

Allows single-click API integration with all leading Courier Partners in the region

Leverages complementary strengths of multiple carriers

Seamlessly integrates with multiple platforms like Shopify, Woo-Commerce, Salla and Zid

Syncs all your orders on a single platform, automates the shipping flow and reduces processing time

Real-time Order Tracking

Displays interactive dashboard for all your shipments shipped via multiple carriers in a single consolidated view

Tracks the end-to-end journey of your order with accurate time and place information

Reports to your customers on their order whereabouts in real time and accurately

Seamless Billing and COD Reconciliation

Generates automated and transparent billing with every minute invoice details and no hidden charges

Allows for accurate reconciliation with order-wise status tracking of all order fulfillments

Gives you the power to take advantage of consolidated and frequent remittance cycles

Returns Management

Lets you provide easy returns for customers through wide availability of Courier Partners and drop-off locations

Improves customer experience by automating the reverse pickup flow and accurate timelines

Tracks your return orders accurately and shorten the duration of blocked working capital

Non-Delivery Report Management

Offers an interactive dashboard to track and manage the non-delivered and RTO shipments

Triggers multiple reattempts without vendor intervention to increase delivery percentage

Auto-generates Non-Delivery Report reports to help identify the root cause of Non-Deliveries

Analytical Dashboard

Visually represents data and business information in a simple yet effective manner

Gives you real-time visual alerts to enable effective shipping management

Analyzes key industry metrics like customer demographics, delivery %, SLA breaches, TAT and cost performance

Advanced SCM Reports

Offers actionable insights for your overall shipping performance

Analyzes the historical trends and enables data-driven decision making

Prepares custom reporting based on your requirements and lets you save your custom templates for future reference

Automates your planning by scheduling customized diagnostic reports

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