Why do businesses need platforms like Logistiq for shipping support?

Increasing revenue while controlling costs and providing superior customer service are the three key pillars for any growing business. In e-commerce, providing post-purchase customer experience is just as important as the experience during the shopping journey. Hence, with the competitive intensity increasing in the world of e-commerce, e-tailers are leveraging delivery experience to differentiate themselves from others.

The findings from a Capgemini survey of 2,874 consumers on last mile delivery experience support this trend as well. As per the survey, from the customers satisfied with their delivery experience, 74% would be willing to increase their spend with the same retailer by an average of 12% and 53% would even be willing to purchase memberships for delivery. On the other hand, from the customers dissatisfied with their delivery experience, 48% would stop purchasing from poor-performing retailers and the remaining would reduce their spend by 45% with those retailers. The survey also found that over half (55%) of consumers will switch to a competing brand if it offers a faster delivery service.


Roadblocks faced by Small and Medium E-commerce businesses:

According to Accenture’s blog on last mile delivery challenges, today’s empowered customers expect a seamless experience across their shopping journey in terms of buying, payments, delivery and returns and this has resulted in higher costs, increased service requirements and complexity in supply chain.

Imagine a situation in which a Small and Medium Businesses (SMB’s) needs to deliver products to multiple customers in Tier 2 and Tier 3 regions. It will have to connect with multiple last mile partners, monitor all shipments, reconcile COD orders and manage returns on its own using its small workforce. This situation presents a strong challenge as any shortcoming would have an adverse impact on business and hence, requires a great deal of attention and possibly, high investments as well.


How does a last mile aggregator platform like Logistiq help SMB’s?

Last mile aggregator platforms like Logistiq act as a one-stop solution for e-tailers of all sizes where they can connect with multiple courier partners and manager their entire last mile operations seamlessly at lower costs.

Here are some of the advantages e-tailers can get from a smart platform like Logistiq:


Easy Integration and Pre-Negotiated Market Beating Rates

  1. Tie-up with multiple courier partners by integrating with our courier aggregator platform
  2. Leverage the market-beating rates made possible through our large volume base
  3. Integrate your website or stores on e-commerce platforms like Shopify, Woo-Coomerce and Salla using our API’s or plugins or upload bulk orders manually
  4. Sync all your orders on a single platform, automate the shipping flow and reduce processing time

  • AI-based Courier Recommendation Engine 
  • 1. Choose from 30+ priority parameters for delivery such as cost, delivery time, SLA’s, coverage and COD status based on your business needs to get AI based recommendations for the best suitable courier partner
  • 2. Leverage our proprietary AI engine that helps to select best suitable courier automatically and eliminates the trouble of manually choosing the carrier
  • 3. Improve overall speed and cost performance in the long term by leveraging the unique strengths of multiple carriers

  • Real-time Order Tracking
  • 1. Track all your shipments shipped via multiple carriers in a single consolidated view on your interactive dashboard
  • 2. Get real time and accurate updates of your order delivery status and report that to your customers to enhance post-purchase customer experience

  • Seamless Billing and COD Reconciliation
  • 1. Generate automated and transparent billing reports with all invoice details and charges clearly mentioned that allows for accurate order-wise reconciliation
  • 2. Enjoy one of the most favorable COD remittance cycle frequency offered in the market

  • Returns Management
  • 1. Provide easy returns for your customers through wide availability of Courier Partners and drop-off locations
  • 2. Manage returns hassle-free by benefitting from our automated reverse pickup flow and accurate timeline projects
  • 3. Unblock working capital due to faster returns

  • Non-Delivered Returns (NDR) Management
  • 1. Manage NDR’s and Return to Origin (RTO) shipments and auto-generate NDR reports to identify the root cause of delivery failure through our interactive dashboard
  • 2. Increase successful delivery % due to our multiple reattempts without seller intervention

  • Analytical Dashboard and Advanced SCM Reports
  • 1. Access advanced analytical reports to track real time performance of key metrics such as cost, delivery success %, TAT, SLA breaches
  • 2. Make data driven decisions to grow your business based on actionable consumer and business insights
  • 3. Get custom reports based on your requirements and save those templates for future reference


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