Launching Logistiq – The Smart Logistics platform

E-commerce industry is rapidly growing worldwide and it is estimated to contribute 22% of the overall retail sales by 2024. With increasing competition in the e-commerce space, providing superior customer experience has become the key focus for all the e-tailers to maintain or gain market share.

Delivery as a differentiator

Customer expectations are constantly rising and one of the key aspects that affects customer satisfaction is fast and reliable delivery of products.

According to a consumer research study, 73% of consumers consider fast delivery as one of the critical criteria before purchasing online. Customers also abandon carts frequently at check-out pages due to unfavorable delivery conditions, leading to lost business opportunity. In 2021 alone, poor delivery experience caused 54% of customers to switch retailers.

Apart from consumer surveys, this trend is also visible in actual performance of listings as according to Google those listings that displayed a fast-shipping annotation saw a 9% increase in overall conversion. Hence it is critical for businesses, especially for Small and Medium enterprises, to provide the right delivery experience to consumers to drive revenues and increase loyalty.


Challenges faced by Small and Medium E-commerce businesses

It is important for Small and Medium Businesses (SMB’s) to partner with the right delivery service provider for lower costs and greater coverage, while ensuring reliable and faster delivery. Additionally, Cash On Delivery handling, returns management and real-time tracking have become key for choosing a right delivery partner.

Unfortunately, due to the size of order volumes, SMB’s don’t have the same negotiating power for lower charges from last mile delivery service providers as big players do. In addition to higher costs, it is difficult to find a single delivery partner that can serve all the needs of the businesses. SMB’s also have to deploy dedicated human resources to share information with delivery partners and handle customer queries about order-status, returns etc. that further puts pressure on their bottom line.

In order to solve these challenges, we introduce Logistiq, your One-stop Logistics Platform for end-to-end Shipping


How does Logistiq help solve your challenges and empower your future growth?

Multiple Courier Partner Integration: Ability to tie-up with multiple courier partners in a single platform and get 100% KSA coverage with best in class delivery performance metrics

Pre-Negotiated Market Beating Rates: One of the lowest rates in the market made possible through our large order volumes aggregated from numerous Small and Medium businesses

AI-based Courier Recommendation Engine: Best possible AI based courier selection based on businesses’ choice of priority parameters for delivery such as speed, cost, reach or performance levels

Single Tracking Page for all Shipments: Real time and accurate updates of order delivery status and visibility of orders shipped through multiple courier partners in one single location

Easily Manage Printing Shipping Labels: Seamless printing of shipping labels through smooth API integrations as part of order management

Dedicated Helpdesk to Reduce NDRs: Dedicated customer service team that coordinates with customers and courier partners to significantly reduce Non-Delivered Returns (NDR) and Return to Origin (RTO) rates

Manage Cash Flow and Regularity of COD Orders: One of the most favorable remittance cycle frequency proposition offered in the market that reduces working capital requirement

Easy Returns Management with Tracking: Hassle free return management combined with better costs and shipping times

Analytical Dashboard: Access to advanced analytical reports that track real time performance on key metrics such as cost, delivery success %, TAT, SLA breaches and provide insights customer insights to help take data-driven decisions to grow the business


How does Logistiq work?

Using Logistiq platform is very seamless and quick:

  1. Integrate your e-commerce store: Integrate your website or pages on e-commerce platforms like Shopify using our API’s or plug-ins. Our platform also supports bulk-import of orders via excel csv files
  2. Choose from multiple courier partners: Leverage our platform to connect with multiple courier partners and or delivery based on your business needs to get AI based recommendations for the best courier partner
  3. Optimize shipping workflow: Simplify your shipping workflows by automatically generating shipping labels and invoices for multiple courier partners and fast-track your entire order management and shipping process
  4. Track in real time: Track end to end status of your orders in real time through our interactive dashboards


Get the Logistiq advantage

We cover 100% of KSA with lowest rates and best in class SLAs. Take advantage of our extensive network and grow your business with us.

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